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Q&S was formed to take the lead of Home Appliance Division, Q&S emerged with wide range of innovative electrical appliances. Q&S took the historic move to cooperate with an injection mold facility and mechanized tooling plant to produce its own components and molding. No doubt, Q&S is a leading manufacturer that you can rely on the next millennium.

Our main goal is to bring the restaurant to the home. Our products are included Water Filte, Juicer, Food Processor, Convention Oven, Crystal Procelain Wok, Stew Wok, etc. The commercial and durable products reduce to a size suitable for the family kitchens and dinning tables. In 2000, Q&S had invested a 4,000 square meter land and established a new factory, 6 floors total 7,000. We already start our new production lines on schedule, which will put us all the processes under a great step forwards.