Product Line

Product Line

Water System:
˙For For family use design.
˙Flow rate by 2 kgs water pressure:
1.8~2 kgs
˙Pressure Tolerance: 1~8 kgs
Master Filter:
The raw water from the tap, well or ground directly flows through Master Filter。
Water Filter:
No more taken in a chlorine life!,Healthier, younger looking skin,No more use chlorine for tooth brushing,Relief fruits & vegetables from chlorine absorption,Removes 98% or more of free chlorine。
Air Purifier:
Use siphonage to absorb water and make a centrifugal force to hit water on the inner glass container and create a waterfall effect。

Food Processor:
˙Non-sharp stainless steel blades are designed for safety and functionality.
˙Stainless Steel Boiling Jug ( 2.0Lt.) can boil food under Timer control.
˙Motor unit is durable with a safety device.

Porcelain Crystal Wok:
With non-stick coating on the hardness of advanced titanium pan, metal shovel can be used 。

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