Product Line

Food Processor,Food Blender

Nutrition Food Processor
1. Nutrition Food Processor(Food Blender) is controlled by minute, depend on personal demand to count the
    exact time automatically, recip turns out perfect every time.
2. Advanced technology, with LED display, control easily and use friendly.
3. Nutrition Food Processor(Food Blender) is healthy food maker.  It is not only convenient for you
 to make health fiber organic juices, hot soybean & rice milk, delicious
 smoothies ices, rich hot soups, sweet juices, Chinese herb soups but also
  quickly to mill dried cereals, nuts, coffee beans into small pieces or fine
power. Nutrition Food Processor (Food Blender)is a necessary home appliance for you at all seasons.
4. Materials of container & stir bar are used as food standards which are frost,
    heat & hit resistant.
5. Business class super motor, 3.5 peak, 38000 r.p.m. 
6. Professional radiator and airflow design, keep to continued use.
7. Stainless steel cutter bases, a Germany-made bearing, Germany Tungsten
     blades.The blunt blade is durable. 
8. GS, CE, and BSMI approved.
9. Reserves full-nutrition---The fruit pulp and peel all destroy, delicious and
  perfect nutrition and fiber.
10. Nutrition Food Processor(Food Blender) is a all-in-one appliance, easy do it and suitable for every kind of arrangement.
      Turn cold water to hot and nuts to powder.