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Water Cartridge System

Water Cartridge System

Water System:WS-889-16


We are high quality Water Cartridge System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Water Filter, Water Purifier and Basin Filter with superior quality.

˙ The compact dome-shaped ceramic filter comes with consistent pore sizes of between 0.3 to 0.5micron to remove sludge, asbestos, rust, turbidity
and common water-borne bacteria.
˙ Activated Granular Carbon media from Japan with a high Iodine-Adsorption capacity adsorbs chlorine, color, odor, chemical compounds and
certain heavy metals, giving clean water that is pleasant to drink.
˙ KDF Medium 55 from the USA consists of a zinc-copper compound that absorbs heavy metals, neutralizes bacteria and reduces pesticide toxins.
˙ Ion Exchange Resins from the USA softens water.
˙ FIR Energy Beads from Japan energizes and breaks water clusters into
˙ Natural mineral stones are in constant exchange with water to enrich it with a spectrum of
ionic minerals.
˙ Purification treat water repeatedly through the layers to deliver clean and healthy living water.
˙ All media used are NSF-Approved and tested by SGS of Switzerland” to ensure that water from this system meets the international drinking water
standards. * Taiwan Brand office
˙ A simple Do-It-Yourself counter top unit design. Easy cleaning and installation. Included outlet pipe.
˙ For family use design.
˙ Cartridges replacements depends on water consumption and quality.
˙ water pressure2 kgs Flow rate: 1.2~1.3 kgs
˙ Pressure Tolerance: 1~3 kgs