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Shower Water Filters

Water Filter:WF-2081-W


Shower Water Filters can be produced in accord with customers' request.
If you are lookin gfor Shower Filter and Basin Filter, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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No more taken in a chlorine life!

Healthier, younger looking skin.
Meeker, more manageable hair.
No more use chlorine for tooth brushing.
Relief fruits & vegetables from chlorine absorption.
Removes 98% or more of free chlorine.
Great for those with Chlorine sensitivity.
Small & active water

Both Filters
with replacement sealed unit and it can run back flushing to remove excessive
sediment. Its high quality housing is specially engineered to be long lasting and
durable, making the most trouble-free faucet filter available!
• Efficiently removes chlorine, rust, and other contaminants
• With the latest EC8888 FIR Energy Beads from Japan
• Filters up to 23,000 liters of water
• Easy to install
• Fits most shower heads and faucet units
• Can be backwashed and re-used
• Simple filter replacement.
• With number stickers for replacement reference